Moeder van 43 jaar: … and life became fun again!

Leuk om te lezen hoe zelfs een 43 jarige vrouw valt voor de Go-Ped Step, met name vanwege de rubbere banden. Ze vind dit fijner dan de vouwsteps met die harde kunststof skate wieltjes.:

Love this ‘Grown-Up’ scooter!
I’m a 43 year old mom and nurse and I’d been riding my son’s Razor and almost killing myself when those tiny wheels hit a bump or a hole. Then I bought the Know-Ped and life became fun again! Yes, it’s bigger and heavier, but that’s okay . . . I’m bigger and heavier than a 9 year-old. I like that I can put my feet side by side while coasting and I feel oh-so-much-more stable. It folds down and hooks together nicely and you get a little biceps work out while carrying it! I keep it in my trunk and ride it from where I have to park my car to where I work in San Francisco . . quick, fun, good exercise. Highly recommended!

via Go-Ped Know-Ped Push Scooter | CyclingMarket.Com.